Few weeks ago, I tried to create a new ASP .NET Core Web Application with Visual Studio 2017 RC in order to use it with Docker.

The creation step worked fine, I can build the solution but if I launch it, it fails with that error :

ERROR: for webapplication3  Cannot create container for service webapplication3: C: drive is not shared. Please share it in Docker for Windows Settings

At first sigh, this is obvious that I need to share my C: drive to Docker. If I don’t do that, it can’t access to the project/container. So let’s go !

Here’s the few steps I made :

…but it seems that if you are logged with an Azure AD account, Docker failed to share drives. So, if you can’t wait for a fix, you can create a local account on your machine and repeat all the steps. That’s not an ideal solution but it works !