[Xamarin] Hololens app with UrhoSharp : Physics – Part 2

In the previous post, we manage to display a ball each second at a random position. Our goal, if you accept it, will be to add some physical properties to the ball (mass, gravity, collision). Balls are falling ! The first step is to define a mass for our balls. Without that, the physical engine […]

[Xamarin] Hololens app with UrhoSharp : Introduction – Part 1

Xamarin just announced that the game engine UhroSharp can be use to create Hololens apps. It’s an interesting alternative to full DirectX app, UWP 2D or Unity3D. Create the basics In order to build an Hololens application with UrhoSharp, we need to create a new UWP project and to add the NuGet package UrhoSharp.Hololens. Once done, […]