[Unity] Custom build for WP8/W8

If your game target the Windows Phone 8 or Windows Store platform, you probably want to use some specific feature like the share, live tiles, … This can be done by using some tricks that I already explain in a previous thread (http://blog.lordinaire.fr/2014/09/unity-interact-between-unity-and-windows-phone-8-windows-store-apps/) but I might be pretty cool to build automatically custom files like splashscreen, […]

[Unity] Interact between Unity and Windows Phone 8 / Windows Store apps

In this thread, we will see how to interact between Unity and our WP8 or Windows Store apps. Introduction When you work with those platforms with Unity, it will create a Visual Studio solution with all the basics of a new solution for this kind of project (App.xaml, MainPage.xaml, …) adapted to be able  to start […]