Do I need an health check ?

When you have an application who calls several middlewares that manage many services, it might be helpful to monitor all that stuff to know if a service is up or down. You can achieve that by using Health Check. It is nothing more than a system that call a service (or a group of services), each specific interval of time, to test if it responds to a request. For example, it can be just a simple check to a specific route of a WebAPI. If it returns a 200, everything is fine. If it returns a 500, you need to do something because your service is down :)

I need a medic !

Let’s start with a simple architecture :

Give me a favor, help me

Your app call 2 services. In that case, it can be great to monitor both of us. Service1 uses HTTP to communicate with the app so it’s easy to call a web request to have the status of that one. For the Service2 it is a little bit different because it uses a socket and, for simplicity, we just want to use web request. The easy way is to start a tiny web server, in the service, with a single route in order to do the health check.

Great, we have two routes to call to check the status of our services but who will do the job ? Surprise, we need a new web server/console app/whateveryouwant to display a monitoring page that will check each X seconds the status of all the services.

Any feedback, doc ?

We are now very happy to have an amazing page with some red and green dots but it’s not entirely satisfying. What if my app can be notified when the status of a service changes ? Let me explain why it can be useful and terrific for your users. In our app, we want to add a chat that uses Service1. With health checks, you can retrieve the status of all your services, including Service1 who is needed to be able to chat.

Your first idea may to call your monitoring page or directly do a health check on Service1 with a polling system but that’s a bad idea. Your application can be used by thousands (hundreds?) of users simultaneously and each of it will do a health check each X seconds ! That’s not even an option. It may be smarter that your app be notified (push notification) when the status of a service changes, by using WebSocket for example. When you receive the notification, you can enable or disable the chat depending on the status of Service1. Amazing !

As we can see, health checks is not very difficult to deal with and can highly increase your application. Your users will thank you :)

C# implementation sample :